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About Synergy, Inc.

Established in 1989 in Irvine, CA, Synergy, Inc. is an accomplished, multi-disciplinary marketing communications, advertising, and design firm. We are focused exclusively on food and beverage products, targeting food service and consumer market channels. Driven by a team of well-seasoned, wonderfully talented individuals, we offer a broad range of strategic planning, package and collateral design, marketing and advertising services. In 24 years, we have assembled hundreds of innovative brand development and marketing solutions, achieving remarkable results for our clients.


What sets us apart is our uncompromising proactive work ethic, creative stretch, speed to market and comprehensive understanding and approach to our client’s customers. We provide a unique ability to strengthen every area of the marketing mix with seamless branding and design continuity while providing tremendous resource and economic synergies.

Package Design

A successful “package” must connect and invite the target consumer to embrace the product, instill great value, rewards and confidence the closer they look. The packages utility, structure and graphic design must all work synergistically to inspire positive emotions and practical solutions that move the consumer from apathy to action.


Synergy, through its integrated research and strategic design process, has achieved great success in developing brand/design refresh solutions as well as establishing long-term, extendable continuity design systems for both regional and major national brands.


Creating and developing a powerful brand enables you to identify with, capture and retain the interest of your target consumer.  It is the foundation to expand into new markets and product categories.  Through our integrated research, design and strategic process, we establish a detailed vision, purpose and personality that revitalizes an existing brand or clearly positions a new brand uniquely apart from the competition.  In its application, our work at Synergy translates the contagious personality of your product(s) into a compelling, memorable brand that evokes a long-term emotional and rationale attachment with your target consumer.  Please scroll across a few great brand development successes achieved here at Synergy.  Each one has a great story we’d love the opportunity to share.  And, we’re confident we can do the same for you!

Event Marketing

Taking your product to the customer, sampling – or as it’s now referred to, “Tryvertising”.  For the right type of product, this can be your most powerful marketing tool.  Hitting customers in an unexpected, fun environment allowing them to “discover” your product, make it their own and then tell others about it – very powerful.  And proven, our innovative event marketing programs for Cholula Hot Sauce have achieved outstanding, measurable results – actually exceeding those of conventional advertising and couponing programs.  We have an extensive proven performance with:


• NASCAR Events

• Ski/Snowboard Events

• College & NFL Stadium Events

• Concerts/Festivals

• “Taste of” Food Events

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Strategic Planning

As a partner in pursuit of a common goal, Synergy works collaboratively and closely within every allowable area of our clients business. What we furnish in the end is a comprehensive, actionable, detailed plan with short-term and long-term strategies and accountability. Specific areas of expertise:


• Brand Strategy Refresh

• Competitive Position Mapping

• Brand, Product(s) and Competitive SWOT Analysis

• Sales Incentive Programs

• Creative Ad Strategy (Trade & Consumer)

• Media Strategy (Traditional and Non-Traditional)

• Integrated Social Media Strategy

• Promotions Planning

Strategic Collateral Selling Systems

Too often the one point of disconnect in a well-planned marketing campaign is in how and what message gets delivered to the trade.  Whether it’s a Foodservice operator or a retail grocery buyer, the brands positioning, product propositions, benefits and rewards must be clearly and consistently communicated.  Synergy offers a particular strength in this area.  Our collateral systems and sales training programs are creatively enticing, while strategically moving the presenter and the buyer through the brands substantive propositions and competitive points of difference through a system we call, “Point and Sell.”  Here are a few proven examples to scroll through that received two thumbs up both from Sales Reps and Buyers.  Let’s get together and discuss how we could achieve the same results with your system.

Market Research

Knowledge, testing and challenging are the foundations of our strategic & creative process. Without paralyzing the process, we are insistent on conducting the meaningful level of evaluation that will direct, validate and ensure strategic and creative success.


Synergy works collaboratively with leading outside research firms with formats of qualitative and quantitative studies, including:


• Internet Concept Tests/In-Home Product Evaluations

• Focus Groups

• Mall/In-Store Intercepts


Budget and timing limited, Synergy can develop and execute an informal, yet meaningful study necessary to confirm and guide the process.

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