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Marketing Firm in Irvine, CA

With hundreds of choices on every aisle of the grocery store, convincing customers that your food or drink is the best is tough. Fortunately, the Synergy, Inc. team is here to simplify that challenge. For nearly 30 years, we’ve developed hundreds of brands to make them instantly recognizable to shoppers by their logos, typefaces, colors, and names. As a top marketing firm in Irvine, CA, we go beyond what’s expected to achieve the best results we can possibly get. Our professionals focus on economic efficiency to finish your campaign within your budget.

The food and beverage strategic planning we do encompasses a variety of fields. We have the skills, experience, and resources to handle all of your needs in marketing, communications, advertising, and design. From planning to package and collateral conception, we provide plenty of ways to make your voice heard in a competitive market. We even work with outside firms on market research and studies to identify the best method of reaching your target audience. By choosing us, you choose a team of experts who go the extra mile to make your life easy.

Marketing Solutions Outside the Store

There are plenty of ways to make your brand known, and we take advantage of as many as possible. One of our most successful offerings is event marketing. Samplings at events help customers discover your product and remember to look for it on their next grocery run. We’ve successfully marketed clients at sporting events, concerts, festivals, and “Taste of” food events. Everyone loves a chance to try new foods, especially when they’re already having a fun time, and we make good use of that to promote you and your name.

Advertising is a key component of the food service industry. Phrases like “Gluten Free,” “Low Fat,” and “Cooks in Minutes” are made to be eye-catching to convey not just what the food is but also why it’s ideal over its competitors. We make that happen for you too; our associates are industry veterans and know what shoppers want to see.

Contact us for food and beverage marketing that works. We serve the clients of Irvine, California, and the surrounding areas.











To perform at a level beyond what's expected, with a strategically focused harmony of talent, knowledge, creative stretch, and economic efficiency to achieve sensational solutions that work.

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